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  • Nursing Home Abuse Uncovered in Australia

    https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTyk5-xA1RsIDTFvnxSnjKNN5PGCt0Ryd1P8WyAz6EGUeEeyhSJjQMany of today’s active seniors prefer to age in place rather than be shipped off to nursing homes. They or their families will gladly pay for residential renovations if these help them to remain in comfortable surroundings. Scare stories about nursing home abuse certainly help fuel the desire of seniors to remain at home. One such case was uncovered in 2011 in Wyong, Australia and is bound to send shivers up the spines of the elderly.

    The Australian Federal Department of Health and Ageing uncovered abuse at the William Cape Gardens Nursing Home on the continent’s east coast. At least three nurses were implicated in the case, which featured humiliating photographs of residents’ genitals. The sadistic nurses laughed as they used their iPhones to photograph wretched elderly residents’ private parts and then played games to identify which patient belonged to each picture. The whole enterprise was well-known among staff members as the “Genital Friday Club”.

    Another shocking allegation was that the three implicated nurses told a demented female resident that her husband was having an affair with her best friend. This level of sadism approaches unthinkable levels. Still more shocking was the withholding of food from an elderly male resident. In their “defense”, the nurses allegedly said that it was to hasten the resident’s inevitable demise. We do not know what pool of black malevolence spawned such miserably evil witches, but it seems to us that anything short of the death penalty is too good for them.

    A spokesman for the nursing home, Tim Allerton, could not specify how many patients were involved in the Genital Friday Club. The home issued apologies to at least two families and claimed that the apologies were accepted. We find this very hard to believe. Any self-respecting family would pull their relatives out of any nursing home guilty of such egregious abuse. We are sure that many families are now second-guessing their decisions to send Mom or Dad to a nursing home rather than making it feasible for them to live at home.

    The William Cape Gardens is accused of misleading advertising. Their ads feature a five-star image, but apparently this refers to the architecture, not the quality of care. Pity the poor consumer who is trying to figure out which nursing home to select. The truth is that Australia does not have a star-rating system. Children of elderly parents: let this case be an object lesson – you may be sending your parents off to a gulag or concentration camp disguised as a nursing home. If you fail in your responsibilities to ensure the proper care of your parents, they will suffer horribly and you will be damned to the kind of guilt reserved for residents of a deep circle of hell.

  • Pictures: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

    Creating an Amazing Family Portrait Photography

    Family portrait photography refers to a photo that is made involving a photography of a real-life subject, in this case is a family. The significance of this is to relive the precious life moments through the photography. Several tactics and tricks can be played by the photographer which is responsible in influencing the portrait photography.

    This is a form of picture-making that is highly involved with different tricks to ensure a lively moment is capture. You can always try to play with different light effects to capture the ambiance you desire. An example would be using a palm tree’s shadow over the subject and the photographer will shoot. The effect on the face of the subject would be of a shadow of the palm tree.

    Using this technique, you can play along with the light and shadow. Another type of technique to shoot for this kind of photography is placing an amber gel above the head of the subject and allowing the light pass through it so create some effect.

    With the help of a lighting system, you can get rid of unwanted shadows falling on the face of clothes of your subject. This means that a person can use a key light in order to light up a subject. The purpose of fill light is to correct unwanted shadows that are on the face or clothes of the subject.

    This type of technology that we have today can transform your photography by doing wonders on the output with proper effects added. With the help of this technology, you can take from the human imagination turn it into a reality. The eye contact of the subject can be adjusted by the photographer.

    To capture an eye contact, the subject do not necessarily have to be facing the camera the whole time. Your subject is free to turn or look away from the camera from time to time. This kind of facial expression can express a more emotional or any other mood of the subject.

    An additional way to convey and express a certain mood and have a bigger impact on the outcome is by adding props that fit perfectly for your mood. There is also another way to capture your desired photo by taking a series of photos of a single subject and them placing them on display of different kind of emotions. All of the mentions tips and tricks in this article are just some techniques that you can use to effectively create wonderful family portrait photography.

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  • Finding Similarities Between Concrete and Life

    Learn More about Decorative Concrete

    The use of concrete on non decorative concrete and flat areas is one of the many forms if decorative concrete. Regarding the size, it will be depending on the whole concrete area and how you want it to look like. Another thing that you should know about this kind of concrete is that it comes in different styles like the salt finish, stamped, colored concrete and exposed aggregate.

    There is still another form which is the one that has a broom finish. The kind of bristles that you will be making use of actually plays an important role because this will either give you a coarse or light finish. One can consider this to be a very functional decorative concrete simply because the surface that it gives you is a non slip one. It may not give you a fancy finish but at least it can guarantee you that non slip surface. A broom that is specifically made for this purpose should be your choice and not just any broom. The colored concrete on the other hand is the kind of decorative concrete that is a very popular choice. There are actually two basic forms of the colored concrete that you will be faced with. These two basic forms are actually the following: dry shake that is dusted on the top of the concrete or placed within the mix.

    The other popular choice for a decorative concrete is the exposed aggregate. There are really instances wherein the best choice that you can take in terms of decorating you’re your walkways or driveways is to simply choose the colorful rocks. To place the rocks in the entire mix or place the rocks on top of the concrete are your two options when decorating using this rock.

    There are various forms of decorative concrete and another form is the float and trowel textured concrete. The people that choose this kind of form consider it to be a fun choice for the reason that you can have various patterns on it such as the different size of arcs or swirls. A smooth, coarse or medium texture will be up to you because you can choose whatever suits your taste best. But keep in mind that the texture that will come out will depend on the tool you used in creating the pattern. The steel trowels or aluminum floats create smooth or medium finishes and wood floats create coarser textures.

    The painting concrete as a matter of fact is the last but not the least form of decorative concrete. This is the kind of decorative concrete that may be used for any situation. What you just have to make sure of is that the concrete has been cured.

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  • The Key Elements of Great Businesses

    Why We All Need Life Insurance

    If you take out the right cover, an individual could actually get peace of mind knowing that their family will actually be taken care of even after their death.

    Life insurance in fact have some advantages to give. This in fact helps to get long term goals. Insurances don’t actually act as a form of protection for the future of a person’s life, but this in fact will be able to give protection on the assets of their family.

    This actually is a kind of savings that can in fact be utilized during emergencies.

    Before you actually try to decide in buying your life insurance policy, it is really recommended that you are going to get quotes coming from different life insurance firms. This is in fact going to provide an idea on what insurance policy is going to meet the needs of people in the best way. This is going to give people an idea about which of the insurance policy is able to meet your needs in the best way.

    You also may try to compare the different insurance policies and in getting quotes when you are choosing one for you to find the one which is affordable and is able to meet your requirements.

    Now, the life insurance policies are also made available online. This actually have become something very easy when it comes to comparing quotes with an online medium. The premiums and also different features can now be compared easily and it now became much easier in choosing which are the best insurance policies. There’s in fact no shortage of online aggregators which makes the process of searching a suitable policy easier and also simpler. The potential insurance buyer in fact will only be needing to share the necessary requirements on the web portal and to also acquire the most affordable quotes.

    When you are in the case of deciding about a certain policy, there are actually some things that needs to be considered before making your decisions. The first thing would be on the amount of cover which will be needed and also the time period to where it is needed. To get an answer for such question, there are some factors which will come into consideration. These considerations would be with sex, age, occupation, health, etc.

    So why do we really need an insurance policy? Each person in fact dreams that even after him or her, their family maintains the kind of life to which they already have. This in fact is why you must try to decide well on the insurance cover and also with the time. Hiring the professionals will be the best thing that you could do in order to help you answer these questions.

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