Fun Plays Hounds

I play it for short intervals of time. 15 minutes is enough for a satisfactory session. You can achieve a lot to reach your final goal that is to save the world. I am talking about Hounds, my latest passion.


I am a lawyer. My day is passing by running between courtrooms. I have to move around a lot. But I also have lot of free time during the day. I try to use it effectively. Sometimes it is not easy to concentrate. Then I go online and play games. I prefer Hounds because it is easy to play with a laptop. I have never had difficulty finding teammates to form a squad. You can play, leave for a while and then continue again. It is fun. You have to be serious and put some effort to play it. Sometimes I need to find an empty room in the court hall to escape from the routine but it is worth doing. You should get a hounds account. I recommend this game to you.

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