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How to Keep Your Cables Organized These days, nearly every item in the house requires a cable. Your cluttered cables are not just an eyesore, they can also be a danger to your safety. How many times have you tripped over a long cable? A loose wire looks like a fun toy to children and animals. While you wait for all of your appliances to be upgraded to wireless, you will have to organize your cables. There are quite a few tools available for organizing your cables. Always tie back cables that are longer than necessary. There are also several items designed specifically to hold cables, such as nylon or Velcro ties. You can also buy spiral wraps similar to curly telephone cords. These methods work best for cables that run behind desks or tables. For desks in particular, people often use a grommet to pass their cables from the top of the desk to the bottom. Alternatively, you might prefer to have a clamp that clips to your desk and holds all of your cords. Since desks are a hotbed of cable activity, there are quite a few solutions aimed specifically at them.
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For long cables that need to reach all the way across your room, you have some alternative tools. There are split tubes that you can put your cords in and hide them along the wall. Other products work the same way but are made of different materials. Sometimes, you can get away with just stapling the cord against the wall. Of course, you need to be extremely careful not to staple into your cord.
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For cables that run across the wall, you might want to get a cable management box. These boxes are usually self-adhesive and can hold several cables at once. You should be able to find a color to match your home. Since they are made of a light plastic, cable management boxes are a low-cost solution to your cable clutter. There are also specialty models to fit unique types of cords. Boxes can go a long way towards making your home look organized. Use the techniques outlined in this article to get rid of the unsightly cable mess that plagues your home. Dealing with the ugly wires in your home is a clear-cut way to make your life feel more organized. For only a little effort, you can ensure that your appliances and wires look tidy and organized. Managing your cables is actually a very simple process, but so few people take the time to do it. Use the information you have learned here and clean up your cables today.

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