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  • Best Android Games 2017 Apparently Not Mobile Legend

    Surely many of the gamers once played Mobile Legend. This game bengenre Multiplayers Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and did not take long game is much played by gamers.

    However, the fact that Mobile Legend is not the best game in 2017. Then, from the many lists of games that have been uploaded on the Android platform, Google PlayStore, CATS game crowned as the best game throughout the year 2017. Google announced on the official page of the PlayStore, CATS as the best game throughout the year 2017. “With stunning gameplay, captivating graphics, up to an impressive look ~ this game leaves a deep and unforgettable impression on us,” Google wrote.

    CATS game brings the concept of player player versus player (PvP) created by Zeptolab developers from England. CATS stands for Crash Arena Turbo Stars. A little review of his gameplay, this game invites users to fight with other players, with a car assembly driven by a cat.

    Assembling the car by gamers is not done carelessly. Although, the user can assemble his own car based on taste. Some aspects may be considered in assembling cars such as weapons, car body types, levers, rockets, nitrogen boost, and wheel types.

    Cars that have been designed can be brought into the battle arena. Victory in battle will be counted, after reaching the specified amount, the player will level up. Excitement in the game will increase after the game players get new items that can be used to improve the performance of the car that will be used to fight.

    If players win more often, more items are gained to improve performance. The likelihood of winning in the battle will be more wide open when the car’s performance increases.

    In addition, CATS also accommodates its players to be in one clan. Thus, any player who becomes a clan member will get some benefits. Among them, every member of the clan can fight together and exchange items and build an unbeatable car.

    Not only that, players can also change the look of a cat who becomes a rider of the car that will be used to fight, such as changing colors, dressing caps, and clothes according to taste.

    With such conditions, this game has attracted the interest of lovers of the game and has been downloaded by 815,264 users and get a fairly high rate, ie 4.6 out of 5.